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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many years of experience do you have?​

Delucca Contracting was established in 2008, but our vast experience goes back over 15 years. Our employees and trusted sub-contractors are masters of their craft, so no need to worry, your project is in good hands.

2. How long will a bathroom renovation take?


Typically, a bathroom renovation will take anywhere from 2-3 weeks depending on design and overall size.

3. Do you offer free estimates?​

Yes, Delucca Contracting offers free estimates for any level of construction project that you are inquiring about.

4. Are you a licensed and insured construction company?

Yes, Delucca Contracting is both insured, and licensed in Connecticut, Westchester County, and NYC.

5.  If there is an increase in material or labor cost, will you update me ASAP?

Yes, with Delucca Contracting you are always kept aware of any changes in cost that are not stated in the contract that was signed prior to the start of the project. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with our customers, because integrity and loyalty is of major importance to us.

6. I have an idea of what I want to do; Can you help me fortify that idea and give me direction? 

Delucca Contracting prides itself on the level of planning that we do before we take on a project. Because we believe that planning is a major step in any level of construction that one takes – we want to take your idea and build upon it. We take pleasure in offering expert advice and knowledge to a customer that already has an idea or inspiration.

7. As a client, will I be able to request or change certain things during the project?

With Delucca Contracting, changes on the fly are always acceptable. But, this depends on how far we have progressed into the project. We understand that occasionally you find something else you may like, or you may find yourself liking another design. Any small change that is meaningful to you, is just as important to us.

8. Do you provide clean-up and debris removal throughout and upon the completion of a project?

Delucca Contracting insures that not only do you get a beautifully finished job, but that your experience during the completion of the job is just as enjoyable. We are determined to minimize the mess and debris that comes with a typical construction project during and after its completion. 

9. Do you have references I can contact, just to be safe?

Yes, we have several loyal customers that not only have stayed with us for years, they have also referred us to many others. They appreciate honest, reliable, and professional construction services.

10. I’m excited, how do we get started?

Great! Feel free to reach out to us over phone, email, or by skipping all of that and booking a consultation through our page. We’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.

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